About Me

My whole life I’ve desired to create things and share them with others. As a kid, I always had an interest in understanding how things work, and picked up some creative hobbies through music, art, and technology. I even designed my first website with Trellix at 10 years old - Yo World: your one stop shop to everything Yo-Yos. Later in life my passion to help people manifested through obtaining a psychology degree... although this didn’t quite scratch the itch. Once I discovered the craft of using human-centered design to build digital products that solve for real world problems and make people's lives easier, it was apparent that the path had chosen me

Design is more than just a profession to me, but also my philosophy and approach to life. It’s about being analytical, objective, and intentional in all aspects. This way you're well informed, understand the challenges ahead, and are more in control of the outcome. Certain life experiences I've had over the years have made me feel compelled to design, as an outlet to create lasting impact in the world - that's my calling.  Having a background in psychology and a lifelong passion for art, I have a strong desire to solve problems in the world with great design.

When I’m not designing, you can find me chasing after that next stamp on my passport (34 countries and counting). Traveling, exploring, and discovering new things is what makes me feel most alive, and I live in a constant state of curiosity seeking the unfamiliar. I also love cooking... whether that’s just for myself, or hosting dinner parties with friends. Another thing about me is that I’m never without a project around the house, big or small. Gotta stay productive, eh?!

I'd love to build something great with you, say hi!