Hey! I’m Clint.

I love making complex problems feel simple.

I'm a UI/UX Designer with experience building consumer-facing and B2B SaaS products in fast-paced environments. I believe in designing with user experience as a compass, keeping functionality as a priority without compromising on aesthetics.

Task Management

Creating an industry-leading B2B SaaS platform to aid hospital staff in the process of task completion and revenue collection.

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*Part of this project is under NDA


Education through Gamification

Designing a habit-hacking app to give users lasting knowledge about plant care through gamification.

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Solving for Spotify

Implementing a frictionless new feature to solve for user frustrations uncovered from research.

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Digital Patient Engagement

Improving a consumer-facing product by enhancing user experience & rebranding with a modern feel.

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*Project is NDA protected and covers a brief overview

I'd love to build something great with you, say hi!